Installing Google Drive

Using Google Drive with WAMP/XAMPP

Note: I am using XAMPP but if you are using WAMP, some settings or file paths might be different, you should consider reading its documentation.

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    <Directory />
     AllowOverride none
     Require all denied

    Change Require all denied  to Require all granted

    Or if you see something like:

    <Directory />
        Options FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride None
        Order deny,allow
        Deny from all

    Change it to:

    <Directory />
        Allow from all

    Now come to bottom of the file and add:

    <Directory "D:\Google Drive\webroot">
      Options Indexes MultiViews
      Order Allow,Deny
      Allow from all

    Save the file and close it.

        DocumentRoot "D:/Google Drive/webroot"
        ServerName gdroot.loc
        ServerAlias gdroot.loc
        ErrorLog "D:/Google Drive/webroot/logs/error.log"
        CustomLog "D:/Google Drive/webroot/logs/access.log" combined

    Or if you also use port to access your LAMP/XAMPP URLs, specify that as well:       gdroot.loc
    Note: If you can’t edit hosts file, you need to have file owner permission, search on google how to do that.

    Using Git with a Central Repository

    • modify files
    • commit your changes
    • repeat

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  • git init
    git remote add central /e/Google\ Drive/central.git/
    git push --all central
    git push --set-upstream-to central master

    git clone /e/Google\ Drive/central.git/
    git fetch /e/Google\ Drive/central.git/
    git push central
    and so on

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  • Hope you liked the post and have fun !

    Git Resources

    • Very fast way to test your code
    • Nice friendly interface
    • Code  Highlighting
    • Useful PHP, system information panel
    • Saving favorite code snippets
    • Adding useful classes
    • Easy to extend as per your needs


    Extending PHPExecute

    Usage Notes

    • PHPExecute uses eval function to run the code. It is strongly recommended that you should use that tool for local testing only and not on production server due to security reasons. If you do, you use it on your own risk.
    • In order to save snippets, PHPExecute uses localStorage feature which is available in latest browsers (and IE9+) only and also it can be around 5MB in size. This isn’t that ideal if you are going to save a lot of snippets but you can always extend PHPExecute to add database support and save your snippets there.
    • The custom functions that can be used in PHPExecute can be found in includes/functions.php file. You can add any functions in that file that you want to use directly inside PHPExecute. The custom functions can also be seen in PHP Info > User Defined Functions.



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  • Consider the following piece of code:

    function myFunc(){
    var firstName = 'sarfraz';
    lastName = 'ahmed';

    console.log(lastName); // ahmed
    console.log(firstName); // undefined

    • You save the memory and improve performance
    • You don’t pollute the global scope
    • You mistakenly don’t overwrite a global variable that might have the same variable name


    var name = 'sarfraz';
    console.log(name); // undefined
         var name = 'nawaz';
         console.log(name); // nawaz

    var name = 'sarfraz';
         var name;
         console.log(name); // undefined
         name = 'nawaz';
         console.log(name); // nawaz

    Named Functions Demystified

    function myFunc(){
         var foo;
         var bar;
         var baz;
         // do something foo, bar, baz

    function myFunc(){
         var foo, bar, baz;
         // do something foo, bar, baz


    Declaring variables on top is good practice but not multiple initialization. Consider:

    function myFunc(){
    var lang = encoding = 'en';

    console.log(encoding); // en
    console.log(lang); // undefined


    function myFunc()
    // some code

    However, same convention will not yield expected results if you happen to write:

    function myFunc()
             name: 'sarfraz'
    var f = myFunc();

    function myFunc()
         return; // <----------------
             name: 'sarfraz'

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  • function myFunc() {
         return {
             name: 'sarfraz'
    var f = myFunc();
    console.log(; // sarfraz

    function () {
         // some code
    if (expression) {
         // do something

    • var statement
    • empty statement
    • expression statement
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      do-while statement
    • continue statement
    • break statement
    • throw statement


    There are two ways you can create arrays in JS:

    var arr1 = new Array(); // array constructor
    var arr2 = []; // array literal

    Though both serve the purpose of creating arrays but there is important difference between the two.

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    Other than that, Array constructor is mis-guiding the way it handles its parameters. Consider:

    console.log(new Array(5)); // [,,,,]
    console.log(new Array('5')); // ["5"]

    // Array constructor
    var arr = new Array(2);
    console.log(arr.length); // 2
    console.log(arr[0]); // undefined
    // Array literal
    var arr = [2];
    console.log(arr.length); // 1
    console.log(arr[0]); // 2

    So the conclusion is to always use array literal notation rather than Array constructor.


    function Person(name){ = name;

    function Person(name){ = name;
         this.display = function(){

    Other way is to use prototype:

    function Person(name){ = name;
    Person.prototype.display = function(){


    // jQuery - create a new div with some css
     "id" : "myId"
     , "class" : "myClass"
     , "class" : "myClass"
     , "color" : "green"
     , "fontWeight" : "bold"


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    <a href="#" onclick="doSomething()">Some Action</a>
    <input type="button" onclick="doSomething()" value="Do Something" />
    <form onsubmit="doSomething();">...

    <a href="#" id="link">Some Action</a>
    <input type="button" id="button" value="Do Something" />
    <form id="frm">...
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var link = document.getElementById('link'),
     btn = document.getElementById('button'),
     frm = document.getElementById('link');
    link.onclick = function(){
     // do something
    btn.onclick = function(){
     // do something
    frm.onsubmit = function(){
     // validate form

    This way it becomes easy to manage, maintain or enhance both HTML and JavaScript.



    Always end statements and function expressions with a semi-colon:

    var name = 'some name'; // <-------------
    var myFunc = function(){
    // some doe
    }; // <------------


    How It Works

    WebNote Screenshot

    CMS Screenshots

    • I wanted to write application real quick – too lazy to separate php, html logic
    • It was only meant to be for personal use but today I decided to share it
    • It wasn’t meant to be a professional project in which I take all sorts of care

    Anyways, it serves the purpose but you can still go ahead and modify the code however you like.


    Installing Chrome Extension:

    • Download WebNote Chrome extension and extract contents somewhere
    • In Chrome, type “chrome://extensions/” (without quotes) in address bar, Extensions window will open
    • On the right side of Chrome Extension page, there will be a link “Developer mode“, click on that
    • Now click on the button “Load unpacked extension” and specify path where you extracted the WebNote extension
    • You will notice that a Notepad-like icon will be added to Chrome toolbar that is extension is installed

    Installing CMS:

    • Download WebNote CMS and extract it in www/root folder of your WAMP installation folder
    • Open PHPMyAdmin or any other MySQL client of your choice and create a database named “webnote” (without quotes)
    • Import the sql file “webnote.sql” present in WebNote CMS folder in that newly created database
    • In the Webnote CMS folder, go to admin/includes/db.php and edit your database settings accordingly
    • Browse the CMS where you installed it in the browser like “http://localhost/foldername/admin“. You should see Admin login panel
    • Enter “admin” as username and “123123” as password without quotes.

    Using WebNote

    • Once logged in, create some folders. You should see Add Folder link to the right of Navigation on the My Folders page.
    • To save a page, click the WebNote icon in the browser toolbar and hit the Save Now button
    • You will see ajax loading image, wait until page is saved. A notification will appear telling you that page is saved.
    • Go back to Admin panel, click on “My Folders” link and then click on the folder you saved the page in.
    • Click on the link title and it will open in Internet Explorer (because MHT is supported by it).

    Notes & Tips

    • When you create a folder, it does not create a folder physically on your hard disk. Consider it kind of tag for each page.
    • All files are saved in “mht” folder inside CMS.
    • All other page information including title, folder, url, html is saved in database
    • To save pages, you obviously need to have internet connection to be able to save them locally and read them later
    • You can pre-populate “Comments” field by selecting some text on page and then hitting the WebNote icon in toolbar.

    // Comparison
    '' == '0';    //false
    0 == '';    // true
    0 =='0';    // true
    // Type checking
    typeof null;    // object
    // Scope
    function myFunc() {
        name: 'sarfraz'
    var f = myFunc();
    console.log(f);    // undefined




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